How we kept The Boulders’ competition campaign exciting even for non-winners.

In order to have a winner, you have to have non-winners. In the controversial words of the infamous Syndrome, “when everyone’s super… no one will be.”

How do you keep everyone feeling special and excited about a competition campaign, when most of them have to lose? For The Boulders’ 25th Birthday Scratch-and-Win campaign, Brand Cartel executed the perfect solution.

If a patron scratched their card only to realise that they hadn’t won anything, they were able to enter their scratched card into a final draw for two R10K prizes. Their losing card became a chance at another win, keeping the tension up until the campaign ended.

The campaign’s total number of online impressions was in excess of 31 000, with 2250 winners. That’s 2250 people who now have a positive association with The Boulders’ brand.

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