In a world where everything is digital, social media appeals to most brands as the preferred way of connecting with their target audience. However, anyone with high experience in PR strategy will tell you that a brand truly comes to life in a tangible way through the use of events. The media are sent a barrage of messages and information every day which tends to end up stagnant. Events have therefore become a crucial PR strategy for any brand wanting to make noise and stand out.

Events are one of the most important aspects to consider when launching a new product or brand. It’s the one way for media to experience it all in a short space of time. When media personalities are invited to a brand’s event, they get a chance to see, touch and feel that brand in a unique way. Whether the aim is to launch a new product or service, unveil special features in a new hotel or host a taste test of a limited edition food item, an event adds flair and weight to your brand’s PR strategy. This, in turn,  gives you an advantage over your competitors. If social media is the contemporary ‘News’ outlet, then think of relevant media and influencers at your event as the journalists.

The right influencers or celebrities mean instant coverage for your brand on the day or night of your event. However, this is where things may get tricky. Picking the right channel for your endorsement is dependant on how you want to convey your message and who your target audience is. Once you’ve found an appropriate influencer, you need to decide what kind of experience you want them to have with your brand. Your main focus should be to impress and over-deliver on expectations so that social media buzzes with the sharing power of your moved influencers.

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