Capture this in your mind for a moment: You’ve asked your cousin, who happens to be a photography student, to help you frame the best moments of your best friend’s bachelorette party. The event was a huge success after weeks of planning and the bride-to-be cannot wait to see her pictures.

Sadly, your cost-effective camera solution has turned into a flashless fizzle. You have to be the one to deliver the news that your cousin’s SD card was corrupted or that the pictures turned out over-exposed because “shame, she’s still learning and we can’t complain because it was a favour.” Now replace your friend’s bachelorette with your business’s important product shoot and… Ouch. Lesson number one: Just because someone owns an entry level DSLR camera, doesn’t mean they know how to master its capabilities.

Professional photographers are paid to do their job for a reason. Good image quality is so much more than just how many megapixels a camera has or the size of its lens. Pros are trained to take into account the right lighting, being selective about subject composition, focal points, subject matter and mastering their image editing software. It is important for both individuals in a private capacity and companies to take their events or products seriously by hiring the appropriate professional for the job.

Personally, you don’t want to be responsible for cheaping out at the expense of letting your friends, family or (yikes!) spouse down. Wedding photographer fails are a hit on popular YouTube channels, but trust us when we say that this is one situation that you really don’t want to go viral. Professionally, your published pictures are a direct influence on how others perceive your brand image. Releasing poorly edited or amateur pictures make your brand look cheap and unprofessional… It may sound harsh but it’s true.

If you have an important product or any other content that needs to be photographed, contact us and get in touch with one of our trained experts. We know how to capture and edit your business’ good side and we do it with skill and finesse.