The purpose of corporate identity (CI) is to convey your brand’s motives, ideas, personality and objectives. It tells the market that you’re a business that means business with products or services that are here to stay. Consumer’s confidence in the quality and perceived stability of your brand are highly reliant on identifiable imagery and unique nuances that are specific to your business.

A company’s CI needs to be well thought out as it encapsulates your core personality in one identifiable template of specific styling, font, colours and logos. Using these throughout your business’ products, website, letterheads, business cards, email signatures etc. paints a cohesive picture that defines your brand and ensures that it is recognisable no matter where it is placed. To lay a foundation for a successful CI that works hand-in-hand with your company’s values and strategy, it’s imperative to break down its primary purposes.

Firstly, your company needs a clear representation of its Identity. If you see a Nike tick on an item of clothing, you don’t need any more information than that symbol to identify what brand it is. When you receive an invoice from your bank and their colours are scattered throughout the different elements in the document, it provides context, trust in authenticity and personality. Secondly, on the topic of trust, a good CI conveys that your brand is professional and reliable. Be honest, you know the feeling of seeing a gardening company that uses Word-Art and comic sans on their Facebook ads and thinking twice before hiring them.

Lastly, CI is a way to standardise your company’s visual representation and establish brand equity. As the visual point of contact of your business, your CI is not only the voice of your brand but its positioning and personality too. When you see a Woolworths logo on any product, most people automatically associate it with quality.

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